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We are craftsmen - making cheese

When you do business or shop at La Treccia, you are dealing with craftsmen who throw ourself into the making of great cheese life and soul. Behind our cheese lies hundreds of hours experimenting, frustrations, failure, success and pure joy. As such you are not only taking great cheese with you home or to your restaurant, but also holding a little piece of us. We take great pride in carefully producing tasty fresh cheese for you.


About Mascarpone


About Burrataen


About Riscottaen


About ​Crumblinoen

Italian cheese made

with passion and love

Here at La Treccia we believe that Italian food culture merged with Danish raw products take our cheese to a new and sky-high level. This is why our aim, since we first started to make cheese in 2014, has been to manufacture and develop products of high quality based on the merge between organic Danish milk and Italian know-how.

We make our quality cheese using an old Italian manufacturing process called “pasta filata” which translates into ‘spun curd’. We specialize in mozzarella and also in the mozzarellas luxurious sister - the burrata. In addition to this we make fresh ricotta, mascarpone and our very own invention, crumblino.

We were swept off our feet by the delicious fresh organic Danish milk. Our cheese is fresh, not matured, therefore it is vital that we make our cheese from the best, most tasteful milk, we can get our hands on. Grazing cows on fresh green grass in fresh air makes the best milk - and the cheese will taste so much better.

We love to produce our cheese here in the North. And we know that danes, like us, appreciates high quality, honesty and strong food traditions. Therefore it makes every sense in the world to us to merge, or as we put it, plait together our two food cultures in order to create something new and even better.

Do you want

to place a order?


You are very welcome to swing by La Treccia. Please send us a message on Facebook Messenger or SMS in advance - we are most likely in full swing making cheese. But we will be sure to answer as soon as we get the chance.

If you should be interested in buying cheese directly from us in Rødovre, you are welcome to do so. Please send us an email and tell us what you need and when you are able to pick it up, well in advance, and we will make it ready for you.​