About La Treccia

La Treccia is a family affair​

We are Luca and Oscar from italy

We are cousins and our lives have been tangled together almost always. As children we often went on family weekend trips. We both vividly remember our pit-stops at gas stations where local farmers often had put up a cheese stall where you could by little fresh mozzarellas. We loved the way the cheese melted on our tongues as we moved along on small Italian country roads. It was a mind-blowing experience for two Italian kids who loved good food. And we have no doubt that this experience founded our love for fresh cheese.

For a short period of time we went our different ways, only to get together again to act out our common love and passion for making cheese. That’s how La Treccia was founded in july 2014 in Denmark - far away from the Italian country roads but deeply connected to Italian food tradition merged with great organic Danish milk.

Oscar & Luca

Owners Oscar Ferraro og Luca Vigliarolo

Our roots are in the boot shaped country

Our roots and souls belong to Calabria, the most southern part of Italy, the toe of the boot.

​Here you find homemade cooking, that tastes and feels like the love of a mother. Vegetables grown in the garden, homemade salami hanging in the cellar, homemade pasta and wine bubbling while fermenting.

Why is the company called "La Treccia"?

"We chose to call our dairy 'La Treccia' because it means braiding in Italian. For us, our company is an intertwining of Italian food culture and Danish ingredients, explains the owner, Luca Vigliarolo."

fletning af ost

Experimenting, failure, success

Before ending up with the products we are making today, we have used hundreds of hours working with the raw material - the milk. Milk changes character from season to season, month to month, week to week - even on a daily basis - like people. That’s why in Italy we refer to the milk as ‘she’, because it behaves like a human.

And because the raw material, the milk, changes mood and character it has involved countless attempts, several failures, but fortunately also a lot of success to get to where we are today. And we are immensely proud to be able to produce high quality cheese with character and loaded with taste each and every day.​

​Craftmanship all the way

Everything that can be made by hand is made by hand here at La Treccia. Like it has been done for centuries in Italy. Making most by hand also means that you develop a strong relation between craftsman and product and also between our cheese and you - the consumers. 

We sincerely hope you will enjoy our cheese, the quality and taste that unites Italy and Denmark between crafts tradition and raw material.

At La Treccia we love to make new friends. As we put it on our wrapping, we wish that La Treccia contribute to an exquisite, tasty cultural experience and exchange