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Why organic?

The right taste is everything to us. Our cheese is fresh, not matured, therefore it is vital that we make our cheese from the best, most tasteful milk, we can get our hands on. Grazing cows on fresh green grass in fresh air makes the best milk - and the cheese will taste so much better.

Why do you manufacture cheese by hand?

Everything that can be made by hand is made by hand here at La Treccia. Like it has been done for centuries in Italy. Making most by hand also means that you develop a strong relation between craftsman and product and also between our cheese and you - the consumers. We sincerely hope you will enjoy our cheese, the quality and taste that unites Italy and Denmark between crafts tradition and raw material.

Can you deliver on a day by day basis?

Yes, we make fresh cheese on all weekdays. This means that you can place orders with only a day or a few days notice.

How do i get my hands on your cheese?

It is possible to order what you need directly from us in Rødovre. Please send us an email and tell us what you need and when you are able to pick it up, well in advance, and we will make it ready for you.

Are you dealing in wholesale? Please send us an email or call us for further information

How do i pay when buying on your doorstep?

You can pay by mobilepay 30142894.


​Can i buy La Treccia cheese in my supermarket?

You can buy La Treccia cheese in selected Menu stores. La Treccia cheese is also available in selected meal boxes at, and you can buy our cheese separately at farm shop in Humlebæk.

We are working hard to get La Treccia cheese on the shelves in more supermarkets. You are able to help us by contacting your local supermarket or wholesale dealer to let them know that you would like to find cheese from La Treccia amongst their selection - we would be very grateful.

We are absolutely ready to take more orders. Just write to​