Mozzarella "Caprese"

More taste takes more time - that’s why our mozzarella has more character than a regular mozzarella

Caprese is originally the name of a very simple salad from Capri, south of Naples. Caprese is made from fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and virgin olive oil. If the salad is to be worth sinking your teeth into all the ingredients should be spot on ripe, tasteful and fresh. That’s why our mozzarella is called “Caprese” because it is spot on tasteful and would make a Caprese salad to die for.

There are two ways to manufacture mozzarella - the fast way or the slow. We make it the slow way, because the result is so much better.

Our Caprese is made with lactic acid bacteria and those little fellas need time to ferment. We give them time to do exactly so and that is why our mozzarella is full of character and taste.

Our Caprese is fresh, creamy with a fresh acidulous taste - and far from the mozzarella you normally find on supermarket shelves.

Mozzarella produktion